Danica’s Story…

Our beautiful daughter Danica was 17 when she passed away from fentanyl poisoning. She had a full life ahead of her. She was a senior at Veterans Memorial. She worked as a hostess at a restaurant we’ve been going to for 17 years. She loved music, piano, violin, volleyball, and dying her hair in different colors. She was fun, funny, smart, and loud, she was PERFECT in our eyes and our hearts! She was also a typical 17-year-old.

Danica Struggled with insomnia. And a little bit of depression. Especially during and after Covid.

She was under Dr.’s care! We tried natural and holistic remedies to get her sleep pattern back to normal.

Well, that wasn’t strong enough, and our Dr. and I thought she was still too young for prescription sleep aids or pain meds for her aching body. (she had tons of food allergies too)

Going through her phone I see where she’s texting someone telling them that the Xanax and Percocet are helping her sleep and that she feels no body pain. And with that, it looks like she was taking non-prescribed pills for around 6 months.

As parents, we don’t know EVERYTHING that our children are doing. (I know when I was 17 my parents didn’t know the other side of me!)

She got caught up with the wrong person!!

On July 18, 2022

We took her to work and picked her up later that afternoon. She wanted a new TV to play her games on because the old TV was not fast enough. So we bought her one. Then we went shopping for a dresser. She found one and was making plans on where it was gonna go. She wanted new curtains. So we got them. Then We went back to her restaurant to have dinner. Came back home. Daddy put her curtains up. Everything seemed typical. I would say We had The Greatest day and night with her! On Tuesday, July 19th she said she wasn’t feeling well and called out of work. She looked tired, but still typical Danica. I had my granddaughter over and she needed pampers so my husband, baby, and myself took off to Walmart. She texted us that she was hungry and if we could get her Wendy’s, and we said ok.

We got home and went into her room. And like normal she was watching TV. I gave her her food and took her trash out. She asked me to turn off her lights so I did. I turned back to look at her and shut the door. That was the last time I saw and spoke to My Baby! Danica took what she thought was a Percocet instead unknowingly she took a Full Fentanyl pill.

Wednesday Morning July 20, 2022.

Is when I found our daughter face down unresponsive

And That’s where Her Story Ends!

We need to talk to our children and instill into them that Drugs kill. Death is permanent. Children need to be told not to accept any non-prescribed Medication or Drugs! Unless given by their parents or Dr.!

Now The New Story Continues…Getting Justice and Spreading Awareness on Fentanyl Poisoning.